It is interesting to note that several recent presentations have highlighted that while many power generation firms might have good data on their GSU transformers and their other related high-voltage equipment, they do not always keep this information in a centralized place that can be readily accessed and transmitted to others to expedite the replacement of a piece of critical equipment. Having knowledge does not automatically translate into this knowledge being used in an efficient manner.

Accordingly, below are several essential considerations for failure planning and risk control when it comes to GSU transformers and other critical equipment:

  • Where will all the information pertaining to critical/ long lead time equipment be kept?
  • Are there recent high resolution photos of all transformers and related critical equipment on file that show location attributes of the equipment (i.e. surrounded by blast walls or other engineering);
  • Are the photos of all transformer (and other equipment) nameplates clear enough so all the information on each nameplate is easily readable;
  • Are there updated site plans that show new constructions that might impact the replacement process?
  • Can the above information be quickly transmitted by e-mail?
  • Who are the decision makers should a piece of critical equipment fail?
  • If a piece of equipment fails, do you want to replace the equipment with exactly the same equipment?
  • Are all appropriate parties on the same page as respects the calculation of business interruption costs and how these costs will be addressed if a critical piece of equipment fails?
  • Who are the internal and external parties that need to be notified?- Who is the quarterback for making these notifications?

The issues at hand go beyond economic self-interest.  Rather, there are both life safety and governmental regulation interests to be weighed as well.  When power generation is shut down, people can be hurt and commerce and communications impacted.

Our Value Proposition

If you are a power generation facility, a third party firm that works with a client in the power generation industry, or an insurance company that insures worldwide power generation risks, Fast-Track Power LLC offers the following value:

  • Reduce the Cost of Business Interruption

    We seek to help you (or your client) reduce the very high cost of business interruption by providing expedited “fast-track” access to the necessary high-voltage equipment and services at competitive terms.  We are your global fast-track resource for both equipment and services on a turn-key / seamless basis.

  • Provide Expert Knowledge for Better Decision Making

    By injecting competition and experience into the process of a fast-track situation, Fast-Track Power LLC positions you to receive significant cost savings, reduced risk, and enhanced decision making knowledge.

In a recent failure of a large GSU transformer, the presence of competition in the fast-track replacement process achieved a client over $200,000 in savings from the firm that had originally been contacted to source a replacement transformer.  Moreover, the client and its financial partners also gained the direct attention of the most experienced people (who used their expertise to lower the chance of a problem during the replacement process) and a better understanding of the universe of credible options.